Step 1: Gather Visual Content
To create effective marketing campaigns, Saatchi needs visual content. Whether you're in the construction industry, car dealership, or any other profession, capture photos and videos of your finished projects. Show your expertise and craftsmanship through enticing visuals.
Step 2: Use Niche-Specific Templates
Once you have your visual content, Saatchi will offer you niche-specific templates. These templates make it effortless for you to fill in basic job descriptions and provide details about your completed projects. Saatchi will optimize this information for SEO and create engaging content.
Step 3: Autonomously Share Content
After optimizing the job descriptions and case studies, Saatchi will autonomously share the content to various platforms. This includes Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even your own blog. Saatchi ensures that your business receives maximum exposure and reaches your target audience.
Step 4: Add Your Projects to Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing
Display all your projects with our project map. Increase your local website traffic organically and attract more customers to your business.
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